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The 3500kg question. An added constraint for motorhomes is the 3500kg MTPLM limit for drivers. Drive a heavier vehicle and you'll need the C1 category on your licence (which allows you to drive vehicles weighing a maximum 3500-7500kg).. If you enjoyed finding out about motorhome tyre pressure, why not take a look at these: We.

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1. Check Manufacturer Charts. RV tire pressure is determined by the manufacturer of your tires and your RV. You should consult your RV's owner's manual and your tire's specifications. Here is a great set of tire inflation charts. Whatever the recommended PSI, it is critical to maintain the correct PSI level.

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Below is an extract from Continental tyre catalogue for Vanco Camper tyres giving suggested tyre pressures versus actual axle weight. A "rule of thumb" as a starting point for tyre pressures is the calculator below. Suggested tyre pressure = (Actual weight on tyre / Tyre rated weight) x Pressure at rated weight. Visits: 2404.

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Continental do a technical data book, available on line, that gives the correct pressures according to tyre size/index. I was able to lower my pressures considerably after weighing and checking the data book. We now run at 4 bar rear and 3.25 bar front, making a real difference to comfort and noise.


Our motorhome tyre pressure calculator gives you the correct pressures for your motorhome. Check your tyres regularly for your safety.

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Caravan tyre details: 205 / 65 R 15 94 H - Maximum Inflation Pressure 60 PSI. Weight of caravan: 1800kg. 60 / 670 = 0.08955 (Max Pressure for tyre divided by load rating) 0.08955 x (1800 / 4) = 40.29 PSI (inflation factor times one-quarter of the weight of the caravan) So the correct tyre pressure is 41 PSI.

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Toyo Tires H08 product is the most common product used for fitment to caravans / motorhomes. Contact Toyo Tires technical manager Steve Burke for assistance on [email protected], (02) 8796 0271 or 0407 235 150. THE ISSUE. Tyre failures caused by under-inflated / overloaded tyres are known to occur on motorhomes and caravans.

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Tyre pressures should be raised when towing on fast, smooth bitumen. On formed, unsealed roads, pressures in the 30-35psi range work best, as they allow the tyre tread to spread better and give you better grip, but only if you reduce your speed at the same time. A max cruising speed of 65-70km/h is best and this will allow you to ride the.

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How to read a sidewall. Three types of size description are used on 4X4 tyres, for example: 265/65R17 100T. 265 = section width in millimetres. 65 = sidewall aspect ratio, as a percentage. R = tyre construction, in this case, radial. 17 = rim diameter, in inches. 100 = load rating (in this case 800kg)

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If you're looking to retrofit one, check out our guide to fitting a tyre pressure monitoring system. The different types of tyre. Both car and motorhome tyres are covered in numbers and letters - a kind of secret code describing their size, age and function. The size of the motorhome tyre. In the above example, the tyre size is 205/55 R 16.

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It is unsafe to simply lower motorhome tyre pressures to provide a softer ride. If your motorhome's safe working tyre pressure is well below the originally specified pressures, there is a good chance the TPMS warning signal will be triggered. This is annoying, and, more importantly, the TPMS is no longer able to function as it is intended.

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So you have to reduce the pressure at the expense of fuel economy etc. Where you draw the line is to some extent a matter of opinion - how much weight do you give to each competing factor. So recommended pressures vary a bit. The O/E Continental 215/75 R16C 116/114R tyres on my Ducato say 86psi for 1250kg max.

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Adjust the tyre pressure as necessary. If necessary, add air or release air from the tyres to achieve the recommended pressure. To add air, use an air compressor at a service station or any other suitable air source. To release air, gently press the center pin of the valve stem until you hear a hissing sound.

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Incorrect tyre pressures can not only adversely affect the handling, but can also cause dangerous tyre failure. The correct inflation pressure of your motorhome tyres will be shown in the vehicle/chassis handbook. Furthermore, tyres that are not inflated to the correct pressure wear out more quickly and affect the vehicle's fuel consumption.

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For light trucks at 65 to 80 psi, add 5 psi. Then for Class A RVs at 100 to 110, you should add 10 psi from the recommended minimum. There are a lot of details that need to be considered as well as the age of the tires will play a role in the psi levels you use.